Sample Projects
Medical Technology | In-Vitro Diagnostics | Life-Science


A Short List Of Examples For Various Projects


For the start-up “LIME” from Mainz, DITABIS produces the “Anyhand”, a new kind of device for physiotherapy applications, which allows you to treat all joints in your fingers individually after an injury.


Imaging Machine

Development and production of a wide field microscope for “Acquifer”. The imaging machine’s special characteristics is its high resolution and accuracy. The device impresses with an exceptionally high reliability in 24/7 operation.


plasma care®

Design and manufacture of a handheld device for treating chronic wounds with cold plasma. The cold atmospheric plasma is generated from ambient air. Easy and safe to use.

Dental Scanner

Scanner for digitizing dental X-ray images on imaging plates. The device is characterized by high image quality and a robust design. In addition to development and manufacture, DITABIS also provides services for the customer.


Dermatoscope for skin screening. Mobile, network connected and easy to use. The device replaces a 3-step workflow by a simple one-step system. This saves time and leads to valid results faster.